Bahamas Tottenham Hotspur FC



a powerful partnership

Windsor in collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur has created the world's third Tottenham Hotspur Super Club, with youth teams that train and play together each week in the Bahamas Football Association League. The Tottenham Hotspur coaching and scouting staff are an integral part of the programme throughout the year; offering boys and girls aged 6-18 the opportunity to train and compete as a team each week.

Athletes also have access to SupaSkills, a state-of-the-art, revolutionary technology that measures a player’s four key skills, and unique international tournaments throughout the year outside of The Bahamas.

SupaSkills, a revolutionary technology.

Windsor High School learners who play on the Bahamas Tottenham Hotspur Football Club teams utilise the SupaSkills programme, a revolutionary technology that measures a player’s four key skills of dribbling, control, passing, and shooting. Invented by former Liverpool FC first team player Craig Johnston, SupaSkills tracks a player’s progress and allows it to be measured against other players globally so they can keep building and measuring improvement of their skill level.