Character Development



Developing well-trained minds and leaders

Windsor High School’s holistic approach aims to develop the full potential within each learner. With a focus on education, sport, and personal enrichment, we foster an environment where time-honored educational practises and rigorous athletic training meet an impassioned value system.

At Windsor High School, we strive to build character and teach accountability and balance for learners as they pursue their goals and dreams for a bright future. We prepare each learner for university, employment, and an enriched and confident life beyond Windsor High School; recognising that holistic development is critical to success.

Community Service

Each year, learners are required to complete 40 hours of community service, satisfying the required 160 hours of community service throughout their years at Windsor High School. Examples of community service opportunities include: Windsor's Interact Club, a Rotary sponsored club; Eco Club green initiatives and taking Earth Day into the community; Hero World Challenge volunteering; organising and collecting donations for Red Cross; class lead coastal cleanups.