an Innovative complex

Windsor High School welcomed its inaugural class in August 2017 in a new, innovating campus located at Albany in The Bahamas. Strategically laid out around a central courtyard to foster and promote community – creating a sense of place and a sense of belonging – the campus features a creative arts centre, world class sporting facilities to complement those already within Albany, and a residence hall overlooking the central park, providing an ideal setting for learners to thrive in all pursuits.



Our on-campus café serves as the main hub for meals, offering a range of cuisine and offerings for learners which encourage a healthy lifestyle. 


The Quad

Situated in the heart of the Windsor High School campus is the central park, a grand courtyard serving as a gathering place and main hub for learners, faculty, and staff. 


creative arts centre

The creative arts centre houses music, design, drama, dance, and other classes with a goal of instilling a passion for culture that will last well beyond the years at Windsor High School.


Sporting Facilities

With a dedicated lap pool and other premier facilities, Windsor High School provides a range of sports and training programmes including golf, tennis, swimming, equestrian, and basketball.