Led by the best

Windsor High School at Albany has brought together a renowned team of faculty and teachers, coaches and trainers representing the best in education and sports. With a passion for creating a competitive yet supportive learning environment in the classroom and on the field, the entire Windsor High School staff strives to motivate, encourage, and develop champions and leaders.

lisa mcCartney, director

Lisa McCartney has changed the face of education in The Bahamas. As the founder and director of several schools, including Unicorn Village, The Meridian School, and Windsor Preparatory School, McCartney instilled her forward vision and passion for character and emotional intelligence development to advance these schools to capacity. She has received numerous awards and recognition including the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award from The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and the Golden Rule Award, presented in affiliation with the United Nations, for her dedication and work in the field of education. 

Windsor High School is the institution where all can thrive, led by the best in each academic and athletic area.
— Lisa McCartney