fostering learners’ interests in career professions

While our Windsor High School diploma satisfies major upper-tier U.S. and U.K. university entry requirements, we recognise certain areas of study may require custom paths. We provide our learners with a unique track to graduation that is best suited to meet their academic goals and their potential interest level for a chosen profession.


enhanced offerings for all interests

Beyond core subject areas, Windsor High School brings a focus on a select few specialty subjects: marine biology, business studies, creative arts, and music production as well as the golf and tennis disciplines through our elite Albany Golf Academy and Albany Tennis Academy.

Learners of Windsor High School gain unprecedented access to world-class facilities within Albany including the golf course, tennis complex, and new recording studio, all while learning from many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and business professionals.

Business Studies

Windsor High School learners interested in business studies can get an in-depth look at the field where they learn first-hand from business professionals.

marine biology

Windsor High School learners with an interest in marine biology have an opportunity to learn first-hand from scientists and marine biologists.

Fashion & Design

Learners with an interest in fashion and design have a hands-on opportunity to explore the industry.

creative arts & music production

Learners interested in creative arts or music production can enjoy specialty classes and access Albany's state-of-the-art recording studio, The Sanctuary.